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Doing your own makeup on your big day? Here's how to NAIL IT!

Weddings are expensive plus, you know exactly what kind of look suits your overall style and the vision you have for your wedding - so why wouldn't you want to do your own makeup for your Big Day?

Below we take a step-by-step look at how you can do your own makeup and blow your guests away with the results.

1: Good skin = Big win

Makeups such as foundation can work absolute wonders at times but it can't work miracles! In the run up to your wedding, you really need to take care of your skin, ensure you keep it hydrated and any product which offers brightening and rejuvenation will only help get you the look you really want.

2: Tempus Fugit (Time Flies) - Ensure you have enough of it.

You're doing the most important application of makeup you have ever done (including the first date with your future husband). You will be very busy on the day of your wedding but we highly recommend that you allow time to prepare a space. Make sure you pick somewhere away from the "hustle and bustle" where you can lay all your products out.

Skincar,e makeup

3: Preparation is key!

Once you're all set up and ready to go, prep your skin. Give your skin a good, deep wash and then apply some eye cream. At this point, moisturiser just won't cut it as it won't absorb below your eyes properly, so be sure to invest in some good quality eye cream. Once you have your eye cream on, proceed to moisturise the rest of your skin.

4: Sneaky Secret

APPLY CONCEALER FIRST! If you're reading this, chances are you will normally put your foundation on first. Your eyes will announce how tired you are before you even have chance to tell anyone, by doing your concealer first you will use a lot less foundation covering up any tiredness your eyes might be showing - this is also much better for your skin and will lend itself to a more natural look overall. Once you have applied your concealer, proceed to add foundation with a brush, blending and buffing as you go.

5: Bronzer, Bronzer, Bronzer

Bring colour to your face and exposed skin by adding bronzer (remember, if you're wearing your hair up to apply bronzer to the back of your neck). On your face, you will want to highlight your features, applying bronzer to your cheekbones, above the brow and the tip of your nose will enhance your facial features in your photographs.

6: The Main Event

When it comes to applying your makeup, less is definitely more. Apply your makeup lightly. Think of how beautiful your wedding dress is, it wasn't rushed and it's the intricate details which make it look spectacular.

7: Eyes on the prize.

When it comes to applying your eye makeup, be sure to use a handheld mirror and apply to your trickier eye first! For the best results, we would recommend applying your eye makeup in the following order: Eyeshadow, liner, blend and then add colour.

By following the above tips we hope you will achieve the look you want for your perfect day.

Kendal, one of the Boutique owners is a qualified Beauty and Spa Therapist so be sure to ask her for tips on how to get your skin in tip top condition when you visit us!